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Get the fresh start you need. Our licensed team eradicates unexpected damage from any home or business fast so you aren’t left dealing with the headache and ongoing costs of catastrophe cleanup. Call us today for water damage repair.

Water damage has a variety of causes, such as flooding, heavy rain, plumbing issues, burst pipes, and more. Regardless of the source, water damage needs to be removed right away because if not, it will spread and do additional damage to your property.

Privett Builders is locally owned and operated.  We provide professional water damage restoration and repair services to homes and businesses in Chattanooga, TN.  Our team uses advanced drying and extraction equipment to remove standing water and excess moisture from your property. We will then restore all damaged materials and belongings to their original state.

water damage restoration in Chattanooga

How does water damage happen?

It might be an obvious event like a flood, toilet overflow or roof leak, but it can also sneak up on you when hidden pipe bursts or a small leak that can go unnoticed for long periods of time.

Then, once you know you have water damage. Or at the very least see signs of it, give us a call! 

We’ll walk you through the process of preventing further damage while our fast and friendly team is on the way to clean up and fix the issue. We work directly with insurance companies.

Problems Caused by Water Damage

Taking immediate action after water damage is important because of how easily it spreads and causes further damage. In cases of flooding, water follows the path with the least resistance and typically ends up on lower floors. Next the water is absorbed by porous materials, such as wood, drywall, carpet, and other building materials.

What results is swelling, discoloration, warping, and even mold growth in the structure of the building.  Further, if water damage is untreated for a long period of time, it will weaken the structure of the building and the moisture increases the risk of mold.

Water Remediation Chattanooga, TN

Contact Privett Builders at 423-290-6356 for professional water damage restoration services in the Chattanooga TN area.

If your property has water damage, DO:


  • Contact Privett Builders for professional water damage restoration services
  • Open doors and closets to create airflow
  • Keep all draperies off the floor
  • Blot and/or mop water
  • Wipe down wet furniture
  • Pack water-damaged books together to avoid warping
  • Put valuable photos, documents, and personal belongings somewhere safe

If your property has water damage, DO NOT:


  • Enter a room with standing water if the electricity is on
  • Use any electronics if the property is still wet
  • Clean mold yourself
  • Remove carpeting or other permanent floorings
  • Attempt to vacuum the water

Water Damage Restoration Process

Our technicians at Privett Builders are equipped to handle water mitigation jobs of any size and restore all kinds of the water-damaged property. We use advanced dehumidification and water extraction equipment to remove excess moisture and standing water. Afterward, we clean and restore all the items and areas affected by water damage.

Water damage and water removal services involve:


  • Inspection and assessment of the damage
  • Water extraction
  • Dehumidification
  • Post-job monitoring of the drying process

Available 24/7

Contact Privett Builders at 423-290-6356 for 24/7 emergency water damage restoration services in Chattanooga TN.

Free Water Damage Site Inspections

If you aren’t sure of the extent of the damage or how much it will costs, our technicians can perform a free site inspection. We are always upfront about our pricing, services, and what type of damage you are dealing with.

When the unexpected happens, you want to trust the people you call to help rebuild your life. At Privett Builders located in Chattanooga, TN, we are your most trusted experts when it comes to restoring and repairing residential and commercial water damage. Further, we are a fully licensed and insured water damage restoration company with years of experience to back up our work.

When it comes to water damage, mold, and fire reconstruction, no one does higher quality work at a better price than Privett Builders restoration services.

Give us a call today 24/7 for a free consultation and quote for your water and fire restoration needs. Our experienced and professional team is ready to help rebuild your life!

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